At The Anti-YoYo Diet® we like to keep things simple.

We know that people want quick results that are easy to achieve and that last.

We also know that people don’t want to pay big money or to be tied into long contracts.

With all of that in mind, we have created 3 plans that cover all circumstances and goals, meaning that you can get the results that you want while still living a life that you enjoy. That means that alcohol, takeaways, chocolate etc aren’t banned, and you don’t even need to go to the gym if you don’t want to or can’t due to work, family commitments etc.

Yes, you heard us right! The gym is not a necessity when it comes to getting weight-loss results!

For more information on our plans and what they offer, check out the What You Get When You Subscribe page.

Since launching in January of 2015, The Anti-YoYo Diet® grew rapidly, initially from just Dave’s personal Facebook account and word of mouth, with no advertising, marketing schemes or media coverage.

As word spread, celebrities became aware and got onboard, helping to reach and help thousands of people to get the results and self-confidence that they want and deserve.

Clients include nurses, boxers, stay-at-home mums, accountants, triathletes, models, office workers, carers, students, lawyers, hairdressers, footballers, OAP’s, construction workers and more.

We are suitable for all lifestyles such as vegetarian, vegan and gluten free, and we help people with disabilities and people who can’t exercise due to illness and/or injury to still get great results. We also have numerous pregnant clients who use the plan to ensure that they and their babies are as healthy as possible throughout pregnancy.

The Anti-YoYo Diet® has so far not only helped people to lose weight, build muscle and improve sports performance, but also helped people to beat depression, get off long-term medications, prevent mood swings, and recover from eating disorders.

This is just the beginning and we won’t stop until everyone knows the best and easiest way to get themselves and their families as healthy as possible, and therefore improve their quality of life.

I started The Anti-YoYo Diet after my little boy was born. I can’t believe how easy it’s been and how quickly the weight has dropped off! I’m not at my target just yet, but I could never have imagined that I’d look so different after only 4 weeks!

– Amanda R

This is the difference after just 2 weeks on The Anti-YoYo Diet! Anyone looking to get healthy and get in shape, look no further than this!

– Mark B

I needed to make changes so I thought I’d give this a try. I’m so glad I did! I’ve been recommending it to everyone I know.

– Erica F

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Welcome to the new era, we look forward to hearing about your results!