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In his youth Dave played football, representing his district and county before going on to play at semi-professional level in England and then in America.

He always had a passion for the gym, and it was during his football days that he decided to do his personal training qualification. He went on to complete extra courses to become qualified in sports nutrition and advanced nutrition for physical performance.

Dave then suffered a serious knee ligament injury resulting in re-constructive surgery.

It was when he lay in bed post-surgery that he came up with the idea for The Anti-YoYo Diet and he was able to put it into practice straight away. Since he couldn’t train/exercise for 6 months during the rehabilitation period, Dave used the 5 nutrition principles to keep his body fat below 10% from eating six meals/snacks per day.

This is why you will often hear him say ‘I’m not just telling you to do as I say, I’m showing you how to do what I do.’

From there, he got to work writing the plans and in January of 2015 The Anti-YoYo Diet was launched.

Dave is now dedicated to teaching as many people as possible all over the world, the easy and enjoyable way to get themselves and their families as healthy as possible, and therefore reach their fitness and weight-related goals, and improve their quality of life, alongside his charity work and raising as much awareness as possible for autism.

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