At The Anti-YoYo Diet ® simplicity is key.

We understand that all you want are results that are easy and quick to achieve, and that last for the long term.

To achieve this we have devised 3 plans that cover all goals and circumstances, and that are suitable for everyone.

  • Vegetarians
  • Vegans
  • Gluten-Free
  • Fussy eaters

What You WON’T Have To Do On The Anti-YoYo Diet ®

  • Count calories, macros or ‘syns’
  • ‘Starve’ yourself
  • Give up alcohol, takeaways, chocolate, eating out
  • Weigh meals

Below are brief descriptions of each plan, and you can read the introductions for FREE on the plans page of the website.

As a member of The Anti-YoYo Diet ® you will have access to the three Anti-YoYo Diet plans that have everything you need to get you the results you want, whatever your goals and circumstances…

The Anti-YoYo Diet ® Original plan

Website - Original Plan Image
The Anti-YoYo Diet ® Original plan explains how to get the results you want in a simple but effective way. It includes the nutrition and exercise principles, an example meal plan, shopping ingredients list and workouts that you can do at home or in the gym. This has everything that you need to get you as healthy as possible, and with that, the results you crave.

The M.I.L.F plan (Mums Instantly Lose Fat)

Website - M.I.L.F Plan Image
The Anti-YoYo Diet ® – M.I.L.F plan is designed specifically for mums who are looking to get back into shape after having their little bundles of joy. Standing for Mums Instantly Lose Fat, the plan provides you with a time-friendly weekly meal plan to follow and home workouts to compliment it, so as to get you in the best shape and health as quickly as possible, without you having to set foot in a gym!

The Anti-YoYo Diet ® – Fast Track plan

Website - Fast Track Image
The Anti-YoYo Diet ® – Fast Track plan gets the quickest and most sustainable results and is suitable for anyone, whatever weight, condition or circumstances. Containing Dave’s exact meal plan, you can either follow it week-in, week-out, or follow the original plan year round and then switch to The Fast Track in the weeks leading up to a holiday or event.

By subscribing to The Anti-YoYo Diet ® for only £9.99 per month, you will have full access to all 3 plans, plus…

  • Online support via our website forum – We love to promote a healthy community spirit and support network for our members. The forum section is where you can get your questions answered, and also help and encourage others who are on the same journey as yourself.
  • Over 200 recipe ideas split into breakfasts, lunches, dinners, snacks and desserts, found on the ‘Recipes’ page of the website. You’ll be spoiled for choice with the range of delicious and easy-to-make meals and healthy treats!
  • New recipe ideas added every week on the Recipes page under the ‘Recipe Of The Week’ heading. Enjoy the likes of chocolate brownies, pizza and sweet n’ sour chicken with all of the taste but none of the guilt!
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