Carbs and snacks

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Amy Winter

Should I be varying/worrying about the amount of carbs I have in one day? E.g if I had the spinach spaghetti bake for lunch, should I not have the spaghetti bolognese for dinner?

Also for snacks- is it bad to have fitness flapjacks or banana choc chip cookies more than once in a day? Should each snack be different throughout the day?

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Dave Roberts
Site Owner

Hi Amy,
As long as your portion sizes are small and you’re eating regularly throughout the day your body will burn everything off regardless. I tend to keep pasta things to separate days for variety but it’s entirely up to you.
Ideally you’d be best having the flapjacks in the morning and/or early afternoon, then you can have the likes of cookies in the evening as a sweet treat snack 👍🏻


Caroline Meringolo

avocado ….. can I eat these on the fast plan



Dave Roberts
Site Owner

Hi Caroline, yes you can :) Keep us updated with your results.


Tracey Purves

Is it ok to have raw cereal bars for every snack during the day?
Also is it ok having two snacks ever snack?


Dave Roberts
Site Owner

Hi Tracey, yes that’s fine. And yes, for all of your meals and snacks always eat until you’re no longer hungry, but aren’t over-full or bloated 👍🏻

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