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Clare Watson

Day 1 started today! Can I just ask do I eat ALL the food on the plan even tho I’m not doing the exercise? Actually saying that I walk my dog twice daily for 40 mins each walk. Does that count? I don’t want to be eating more than I should


Dave Roberts
Site Owner

Hi Clare,

That would be more then enough exercise 👍🏻

The way the plan works is to eat the right way so that your body constantly burns fat by itself day and night, even without exercising.
This is how we get results for people who can’t exercise due illness and/or injury.

I’ll look forward to hearing about your results 😃



Clare Watson

That’s great thanks. I do intend to start other exercises but have to be be careful as I had bilateral knee replacements last year!
I will build up slowly!


Dave Roberts
Site Owner

No problem Clare. Make sure that you get clearance from your doctor/Physio before you start up any workouts.
You’ll get great results in the meantime just from following the nutrition aspect of the plan 👍🏻

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