Here are a few pictures and quotes from current Anti-YoYo Diet clients showing their progress and transformations from following the plans.

They are here to show you the results that each and every one of you can achieve, and to inspire you to set, and reach the goals that you’ve always wanted.

As the creator of The Anti-YoYo Diet, I’m not just telling you to do as I say, I’m showing you how to do what I do. Welcome to the new era of health and results.

- Dave R

Since having my son 4 years ago I’ve tried all the fads. I can’t believe how simple this plan is! I never thought it was possible to make this change, especially since I can barely get to the gym due to working full-time and being a mum. I would recommend The Anti-YoYo Diet to anyone!

- Danielle R

So confident this summer! My secret weapon The Anti-YoYo Diet got me feeling summer-ready! #summerbody

- Emma W

I've really enjoyed my first week on the Mums Instantly Lose Fat plan from The Anti-YoYo Diet. If you want to lose baby-weight and get healthy I'd definitely recommend it.

- Cally-Jane B

I started The Anti-YoYo Diet 8 months ago. Since then I’ve lost 4 stone and got my body fat down to 8% and with it, the abs I’ve always wanted. I can’t believe that all along, it was so easy to get results, just by making a few simple changes. I love The Anti-YoYo Diet lifestyle.

- Chris A

I can’t believe it when I look back at old pictures of myself now! I eat more now than I did then! It really is #EatRightNotLess!

- Jasmine H

I started The Anti-YoYo Diet after my little boy was born. I can't believe how easy it's been and how quickly the weight has dropped off! I'm not at my target just yet, but I could never have imagined that I'd look so different after only 4 weeks!

- Amanda R

The Fast Track has worked great for me around my busy schedule. No gym but now no more bloating and more energy than ever!

- Ashley M

I’m so happy with my transformation on The Anti-YoYo Diet. It’s so easy to understand and follow. Eating every 3 hours to burn fat is like a dream come true!

- Georgina B

I can’t believe the difference when I look back at my 'before' pics! Now I know how easy and enjoyable a healthy lifestyle is, I’ll never be going back.

- Danielle B

I LOVE this plan! Not only has it given me the summer body that I’ve wanted for so long, but my daughter loves the meals as well. It’s great to know that we’re both as healthy as possible.

- Tanya J

This is the difference after just 2 weeks on The Anti-YoYo Diet! Anyone looking to get healthy and get in shape, look no further than this!

- Mark B

I’ve never felt so confident in my body! I absolutely love The Anti-YoYo Diet!

- Georgia B

I’ve tried EVERYTHING to get a 6-pack! If only I’d known about The Anti-YoYo Diet sooner! I feel great, and I love how much I can eat!!

- Devon S

I can’t believe the difference in less than 2 weeks on The Anti-YoYo Diet! Roll on the next few months.

- Gemma A

Loving The Fast Track. I can’t believe how much you can eat!

- Ashley C

I play sport regularly but nothing was changing. I can't believe how easy it's been since starting, and how quickly the results have come!

- Aaron A

The Anti-YoYo Diet helped me massively when preparing for, and completing the Lanzarote ironman.

- Phil S

I couldn’t even get my work pants over my bum before starting 3 weeks ago. The Fast Track is my new best friend!

- Sarah M

The Anti-YoYo Diet changed all of my opinions on weight-loss. I’m never bloated anymore, I’ve dropped clothes sizes, and the kids love the meals. We love making the healthy desserts!

- Emma Mc

I’ve really enjoyed following the plan so far. This is the healthiest and most confident I’ve felt for as long as I can remember.

- Nicola L

Only been on The Anti-YoYo Diet 3 weeks and the difference is there to see. I can’t believe how straight-forward it’s been. It really is #EasyWork!

- Alice R

2 weeks on The Fast Track and I’m ready for the beach. Made up!

- Kelly W

I never weigh myself, but I don’t need to. I can see and feel the difference from following The Fast Track!

- Laura F

I can’t get to the gym because of work and family commitments, so The Anti-YoYo Diet is perfect for me to get results without having to change my daily routine.

- Louise B

I’ve eaten my way to abs on The Fast Track. Now to show them off around the pool!

- Danielle P

I needed to make changes so I thought I’d give this a try. I’m so glad I did! I’ve been recommending it to everyone I know.

- Erica F

I’m in the best shape I’ve been in for years and eating the most I’ve ever eaten! Can’t be bad!

- Ashlee C

I started the plan to get bikini-ready after seeing all the results. It’s that easy I’ll be doing it all year from now on!

- Natalie M

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